Thursday, September 4, 2014

Neon Stripes Coastal Breeze

Lookit, another Coastal Breeze! Are y'all over this pattern yet? Because I'm not, obviously. This is my FOURTH one!

I'll keep this post short and sweet since I've already discussed the pattern so many times (here, here, here).

The fabric is an amazing modal/cotton/spandex from Girl Charlee, and I've had it for about two years. It's crazy soft and I've suffered from pattern-paralysis ever since I got it. Luckily, the Coastal Breeze pattern is so fool-proof that I've been able to finally sew up a lot of fabrics I love.

The tricky part is that I only had 1 yard, which was juuuuuuuust enough for the bodice and skirt.

via Instagram

Talk about cutting it close! For the waistband and neckband, I used up the last of my scraps from this little black dress. It's also a modal knit and the weight is similar, so it was a perfect match. Sadly, on the close-up you can see that the fabric is pilling already. This photo is overexposed a bit so it stands out more here than in real life. I hate pilling, booooo!

I adore this dress and wear it a lot, just like my other Coastal Breezes. And now I know that I can get a whole dress from 1 yard, if I use another fabric for the waist and neck. Hooray!


  1. You look terrific wearing this dress. Way to go!

    1. Thank you! I think it shows when someone wears something they like :)

  2. Such an great dress, and super job on getting the most out of that fabric!


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