Wednesday, March 26, 2014

What I'm Reading: Sew Stylish magazine

Way back in February, my husband and I decided to buy each other a new Crock Pot for Valentine's Day. This is how we knew we had reached old married couple status. So imagine my surprise when the day rolled around and he surprised me with one of my favorite things: sewing magazines!

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He was super proud that not only did he renew my Threads subscription, but he also picked up a copy of Sew Stylish.

I've been curious about this magazine but never read it before. Basically, it's like the cool little sister to Threads. Y'know how sometimes Threads will run an article about shoulder pads or weaving beads into coats or random stuff like that? Well, there's still a little of that in Sew Stylish, but not as much.

If 3D flowers are in, I want to be out.

Sew Stylish is published twice a year (spring and fall), with an emphasis on fashion trends from the corresponding seasons. I loved this aspect and it made it feel like a cross between Threads and Burda Style (oh Burda, why must you be so expensive?!). I really liked the features from designers like Angela Wolf and Cal Patch.

The only downside I could see is that there were some reprints of articles that previously appeared in Threads. I only know this because the magazine states it, I haven't been a Threads subscriber for long enough to see something I've seen before.

I'll definitely take a peek at the fall issue when it comes out, now that I'm familiar with the magazine. And by the way, we never did get a Crock Pot. The romance lives on!


  1. I am a Threads subscriber and LOVE it, even the worst issues are awesome. I almost bought the most recent Burda, until I saw the price. I just started a subscription of Ottobre and I plan on sewing at least half of the included patterns. I just found out that they have a women's. I like it more than Burda.

    1. I should investigate Ottobre if it's better than Burda! Honestly, I'm sure I'd love them all :)


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