Monday, March 24, 2014

Wardrobe Architect: Capsule Silhouettes...and a winner!

Last week in the Wardrobe Architect series, we were instructed to think about silhouettes for spring/summer, in the context of a capsule collection. I've never given much thought to making a capsule collection, mostly because I can be a bit flighty in my projects. I generally have about 5 garments in mind at once, and I like being able to choose from those when it comes time to start something new. But I guess it makes more sense to make those 5 "top priority" items be garments that go together! One of my biggest problems is definitely too many one-off items, things that work alone but not with anything else in my closet (did I mention I'm flighty?).

I went back through my Wardrobe Architect Pinterest board and looked over my common silhouettes, which I had made on Polyvore. I pulled out the ones that were appropriate for spring/summer. For reference, spring in Indiana can be 20 degrees, and summer can get up to 100. It's quite a large spread in terms of temperature! I quickly realized I needed another silhouette, one that incorporated capris.

As I worked on this exercise, I forced myself to be honest. Capris aren't always that sexy or cool, but I wear them a lot. So let's be real: what will I reach for on those days when I have 5 minutes to get ready? What will go into frequent rotation? I settled on these four silhouettes:

Feeling very pleased with myself, I pinned this image and was about to put this exercise to bed. Then I did a double-take: where are the skirts?!

Here's the truth: skirts don't work for my lifestyle. I wore them a lot in college, when I always carried a bag and being "cute" counted for a lot more than it does now. I have a closet full of skirts, but few of them have pockets. Some are way too short. Some are too big and constantly slip down whilst wearing them (eek!). When you're living with a rambunctious toddler, a wardrobe malfunction can be seconds away in a skirt.

What it comes down to is that I'd rather wear a dress (see "casual dresses" noted above). The right dress doesn't need adjusting all day. Some of my dresses have pockets, or they're pretty enough that I don't care!

So as strange as it seems, I'm happy to leave skirts out of my capsule wardrobe. I have one on my to-do list but it will likely fall out of the scope of the Wardrobe Architect series anyway. I'm feeling good about the silhouettes I did pick, and excited to move on to the next step.

And now, it's time to announce the winner of the Pattern Pyramid giveaway! has chosen...

Claire from Ragbags and Gladrags!

Congrats Claire, email me (sew110creations*at*gmail*dot*com) your address and I'll be sending this parcel of goodies your way!

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