Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day PJs

AB's birthday was last weekend, and while I didn't make her a new dress (she wore this party dress, which still fits) I did make her some new PJs for Valentine's Day.

The pattern is the Winter PJs from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop, which I've made approximately 8 million times. Just kidding. But it is my most-used pattern. This is my first crack at it in size 2T, which is weird, because I think that makes it the 4th size I've traced off for this pattern! Seriously, for $8 there is SO much mileage out of this one! And I'm not just saying that because I'm an affilliate :)

The fabric is a thermal knit from Girl Charlee. It's a designer overstock and it was dirt cheap as GC is soon to be moving to a big warehouse, and this was one of the fabrics they've put on sale. For a thermal knit, the quality is excellent. I have some more in different prints and it will make excellent jammies. One thing I did notice is that the printed design is not exactly on grain. Probably why GC was able to sell it. No worries, it's subtle and I don't think anyone else will notice.

Pink socks courtesy of her great-grandparents.

I lengthened the rise in the back of the pants by about an inch to accommodate cloth diapers. I think there's still plenty of room in the whole set, so it should last her through this never-ending winter we're having. Other than that I made no changes.

I had hoped to squeeze this out of one yard and still have some left to make myself a tank top, but I screwed up the bodice once and had to cut another one. I attempted to use fold-over elastic to finish the neckline but it was just terrible. Every time I use FOE it ends miserably. I need to just stop trying.

Caught her mid-"cheeeeeese"

This isn't the most romantic Valentine's Day sewing, but it sure looks cute on her!

While you're picking up the Winter PJs pattern, you can also purchase the newly-released Castaway Cargos and revamped Sailor Shorts for 15% off, today only!



  1. Cute! And certainly not camera shy :-)

    1. It look a little coaxing, but once I told her she could jump on the bed she went right along with it :)


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