Friday, February 7, 2014

Under the Gunn rehash!

I've taken the last two or three days off from sewing and I'm about to go crazy from it. I might be addicted. AB's birthday is this weekend, so I've spent my sewing time cleaning the house and doing bloggy stuff that I might normally do on the weekends. The result? A cleanish house (not gonna lie, I suck at cleaning) and an itchy feeling in my fingers. I should at least go rearrange my stash or something in order to make myself feel better! It was definitely nice to relax and watch Under the Gunn to get back into my sewing brain.

Spoilers ahead...

Things I loved:

An "unconventional" challenge...with fabric! I pretty much hate the usual unconventional stuff (it must be popular with people who don't sew). I thought it was cool that they had to choose fabric in the dark. Obviously color palettes are important, but I always shop with my hands. I've learned a lot about fabric by feel.

Things I hated:

Vampires? Really? I've over these challenges with the silly movie/TV tie-ins. It's not even October. The whole thing felt incredibly forced.

Mondo struggling. Watching this episode, I started to see why someone like Tim makes a good mentor. As far as I know, he doesn't design his own clothing, so he can be objective. I think Mondo was used to giving feedback based on his own visceral reaction, which isn't necessarily helpful to his team.

Asha and Michelle's conversation was odd.

I know this show is only an hour long, but I shouldn't completely forget about half the designers until their models come down the runway.

Favorite garment(s):

Loved Shan's again. I guess he wasn't anywhere near the top because he didn't use unconventional materials (that I could see, anyway)?

Asha's was fun, but the headdress took it too far for me.

Least favorite garment:

Michelle's look was icky. I hate exaggerated hips and it's NOT original. Hello again Elena.

Nicholas's brown trash bag was...oh sorry, I fell asleep while I was looking at the photo.

Best line of the night:

(deadpan) "It's a roller coaster of emotions." --Nicholas

Did Isabelle understand anything the judges were saying? It's hard enough for me to get what they're saying and I'm a native speaker. Also, I think it's HILARIOUS that the judges leave the room in order to deliberate. You know Nina and Heidi aren't leaving their seats for anyone!

Okay, this elimination...Anya blatantly sabotaged Brady. "Mean Girls with vampires" directly speaks to a junior vibe, but for some reason she pushed him away from that. And then given a chance to save him, to redeem herself, she threw him under the bus! Whhhaaaa? So wrong. I don't know what she sees in Nicholas's portfolio, but he made a poop-brown sack and should have gone home for it.

Next week: Isabelle doesn't finish! Again!

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