Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What I'm Reading: Custom Couture

Sometimes I read a book and don't take much away from it. Custom Couture had a great premise: show examples of how to embellish regular garments to make them special. I often have a hard time thinking outside the pattern envelope, and I welcomed the chance to see some new ideas. 

I found most of the projects in this book to be overly tedious (hand-sewing out the wazoo). Sorry! BUT. The photography was beautiful, and inspiring in an abstract way. So rather than review the whole book, I thought I'd show some snapshots of what inspired me about it.

1. embroidered flower   2. beaded edge of a bow
3. embroidered french knots   4. sewn-on tulle flowers

1. painted, then beaded motif   2. rosette sleeves
3. beaded shoulder strap   4. handmade labels

1. lace stockings   2. sleeve added to sweater
3. faux stitched pockets   4. tulle-trimmed skirt

AB and I are off to see Sesame Street Live today, thanks to a gracious friend who bought us tickets. I'm more excited than I want to admit...let's just hope that AB likes it as well!

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