Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Sewing Room Makeover...6 months later

It has now been about six months since I made over my sewing room, so it seemed like a good time for an update. What's working, what's changed, and what's in store for the future!

Umm...the three top left cubes are all knits...I have a problem!

First off, this is REALLY clean, for me. After finishing my brocade skirt the room was a disaster (I was also making Halloween costumes in the middle of it). I appreciate a little creative chaos when I'm working, but I like to clean up in between projects.

Since the makeover in the spring, I have acquired my serger. The Ikea Expedit is perfect and is working as well as I'd hoped. I can store the machines when they aren't in use by pushing them into the cubbies that adjoin the desk portion. They don't sliiiiiiiide well, but I can manage. There is also room for both machines to be out on the desk at the same time, if need be.

Now that AB is older and getting into ev.ery.thing. my little doodads all need a place to go. I got this cigar box at a store in town for $1 (!!) and it's great for pins, my small screwdriver, all those random little things you might need at a moment's notice.

Thread is still residing in this old silverware caddy, while serger thread fits on the same shelf (for now!). Bobbins are in the above pictured ceramic flower dish, while needles and safety pins are in the white bucket.

Pattern envelopes are all stored in this Wawak box, with a second identical box below waiting for more patterns when they inevitably appear. This is also where I keep my Threads and Burdastyle magazines.

Pattern pieces that won't go back into their envelopes are hanging up against the wall, hanging on a tension rod with curtain rings. There is a similar looking mess inside my closet, with all the longer patterns (keeping them out of baby's reach).

This is my pressing area, for now. I REALLY want to get AB her own art desk for her birthday in February (like this one). For that to happen, I'm going to have to make space in my sewing room, and the pressing area is pretty much the only place where it can go. Between now and February, I need to brainstorm some ideas for a different space for pressing. Maybe a small area that folds down from the wall? We'll see. For now, AB has an area on the bookshelf for her toys and books, but she's increasingly hard to distract while I'm sewing.

On top of the shelving I've got all my zippers, elastic, etc.

A lot of the cubes towards the bottom are empty right now, so I'm trying to transition other craft supplies and scraps to that area. Last week I went through my (huge) scrap basket and sorted them (knits vs. wovens) and tossed any pieces smaller than my hand. Why did I even keep those in the first place??

Goals moving forward?

--matching storage bins on the lower shelves, for craft supplies
--figure out a new pressing area
--better lighting (there is only a tall lamp, no overhead lighting)
--make space for AB's art desk
--manage scraps better

All things considered, I'm still thrilled with my sewing room. I'm very lucky to have it, and excited about incorporating AB and her interests into it as well. Her favorite thing to do right now is climb on the desk chair, grab my bag of presser feet, and play with them. She also likes pushing buttons on my sewing machine (I always turn it off if she's near it). And yesterday she grabbed a scrap piece of fabric and started pushing it under the presser foot. Monkey see, monkey do. Dare I hope that maybe...someday...she'll want to learn how to sew??

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