Friday, November 1, 2013

Project Runway All Stars rehash!

Happy Halloween take 2 (if you live in Indiana). Trick-or-treating was moved to tonight basically throughout the state. It's weird. And don't blame me if all the candy is gone before tonight (okay, blame me, because I'm eating it all). Finally today we're supposed to have some sun. I'm going a bit stir-crazy with all this rain!!

Spoilers ahead...

Things I loved:

Daniel's textured fabric was gorgeous (though Anya was right, the rest of the fabrics looked cheap). And I don't wear a lot of brown, so that means a lot from me.

Can I have Zanna's hair?

Anya! Do you think Viktor was glad to see her? :) 

I'm glad Alyssa recognized Jeffrey's "balls" in presenting a totally bizarre avant-garde look. He went for it, and because it was so crazy, nobody could even properly judge it. Good for him (even though it was cray-cray).

Things I hated:

Elena. There was going to be more to that sentence, but I realized it didn't need more.

Favorite garment(s):

I was honestly amazed by all of them. Even Irina's. Though I had to laugh when she was asked why she chose black. She ALWAYS chooses black.

I liked Mychael's the most, though, I think.

Least favorite garment:

Didn't like Elana's. Too literal. I agree that the silhouette was cool, but the colors...blech.

Best line of the night:

"Elana's stressed, but I think that's Elana's personality." --Irina  This is the line of the night because it's probably the first time I've agreed with Irina about anything.

I was surprised by the elimination of Daniel, but a little relieved. I want to continue liking him, in my memory, but I was afraid that the more I saw of him the less I'd like him. I don't know that his design was any worse than Melissa's. She'd better watch herself moving forward!

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