Wednesday, April 10, 2013

What I'm Reading: Bloglovin'

Being relatively new to the blogging world, I'm coming into this whole blog-reader thing a tad late. What's a blog reader, you ask (or maybe you don't ask because you're smarter than me)? Basically, if you read a lot of blogs, it can become tedious to save them all in your favorites and constantly check for updates. Personally, I use Facebook a lot to follow/like what blogs are doing, but as I expand more into the world of sewing blogs (which don't often have a Facebook presence) I find myself losing track of a lot of good reading material.

Enter blog readers. I guess the most popular one until recently had been Google Reader, but it has gone the way of the cassette tape. From what I can tell, Bloglovin appears to be the new leader. Curious to find out myself, I went to Bloglovin and signed up for an account. It was quick and painless, and in no time I was adding all my favorite blogs to my own personal reading list. Think of it as a Facebook timeline for blogs.

There is even an iPhone app, which I installed on my iPad without trouble (those of you with an iPad but no smartphone will sympathize with those tiny iPhone-sized apps on your giant iPad screen!). Now I can hop on my iPad anytime I want and check my Bloglovin app for updates. And then check Facebook. And then Instagram. And then Pinterest. And then forget what in the world I got on there to do an hour before that. Anyone watch The Office? I find it hard to believe that Ryan's invention WUPHF hasn't actually come about. My husband's birthday was yesterday, and he kept getting notifications on his phone and tablet about people writing on his Facebook wall. Every time both devices dinged at him, I was waiting for the woof to follow.

So find me on Bloglovin by searching for 110 Creations, or hey, click the handy button to the right! That way you can receive updates just as they happen. Any other favorite sewing blogs out there (besides mine, of course)?

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