Friday, April 12, 2013

Project Runway recap: spoiler alert!

This was the best episode of PR in a long time! If you've been reading along with my posts, then you know how intense my Layana dislike has become. An episode with Paris and Layana getting elimintated? Yes please!

I don't think I've ever teared up at Project Runway...but when Daniel found out he was going to Europe, I definitely got misty-eyed. And to be second in to fashion week, how amazing for him. Daniel gives hope to all us self-taught people that you can do whatever you want if you keep a positive attitude and put your mind to it.

The Europe visits were amazing. I took a lot of years of French in school and I can't imagine how surreal it would be to go to Paris. And how sad it to leave the next day! Has anyone been to the Eiffel Tower replica at King's Island in Cincinnati? Because that's all I can think about when I see the real Eiffel Tower. Except the replica is 1/3 of the height of the real tower...yikes!

I was glad to see that Daniel's fabric disadvantage didn't hurt him in the end. It was interesting to see how much fabric cost overseas, and the variety of selection. $1000 to fabric shop in Europe? Sign me up!

When Patricia and Kate went to the Louvre, I finally remembered Patricia talking about her divorce (I think in the Road to the Runway special?) and saying that she had to choose between her art and her marriage. How awful. I'm not into her aesthetic, but I'm glad for her that she's getting a chance to show at Fashion Week, she deserves it after all she's given up in her life. I do think that Nina is right: people go to stores to BUY clothes, not to LOOK at clothes as art. Maybe Patricia will put on an interesting show, but I can't see her winning the competition.

Stanley Stanley Stanley. He might be on his way to winning the whole shebang. It made me happy to see Heidi slamming him for never smiling, because she's right. I wonder if he's a total bore to be around in real life. And how come we didn't see any bossiness this week? Did he not boss around Richard, or did they just run out of time to show us that stuff?

Michelle will probably make an interesting collection, so I'm cool with her moving on to Fashion Week. Watching her paint $100/yard cashmere made me hyperventilate a bit, though!

I enjoyed this week's episode a lot, how about you? Bye bye Layana and your nasty attitude and pirate sleeves! You can take your jacket with you.


  1. I don't get to see PR over here in the UK. We used to get it, but don't now - would love to catch up with it again. We now have the great british sewing bee - a more sedate version!

    1. Hi Claire! I think you can watch episodes of Project Runway on Lifetime's website. Might be a good way to catch up! I Googled "British Sewing Bee" and it sounds just like PR...although perhaps without spicy Nina and Heidi!

  2. Great Blog! I've nominated you for an Liebster award.
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