Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Payton Track Shorts

Indiana humidity is no joke. If you don't live in the Midwest, then I don't know if you can understand what it's like to swim through air. On these kinds of summer days, all I want is the smallest amount of clothing possible. May I present a solid winner in that category, the Payton Track Shorts!

Payton Track Shorts
Top is a Kila Tank. Or maybe a Durango.

I've been on a bit of a mission to find a pattern that you would call, well, booty shorts. I tried the Koko Shorts (for wovens) and I chose the wrong size. I was about to try that pattern again when Loni @havinsewmuchfun sent me a link to the Payton Track Shorts. They looked amazing and I bought the pattern, and sewed it up, ASAP. Payton is available in hip sizes 34"-61". There is also a children's version.

Payton Track Shorts

Lemme tell ya. These shorts are freaking awesome. I desperately wanted something that would hug my butt cheeks and let me pretend that I was 18 again (except I never dressed like this when I WAS 18). Since they are a knit they are so super stretchy and comfy. 

Payton Track Shorts

I had just received a bundle of fabric from iSee Fabric that contained some juicy maroon waffle knit, matching rib, and some cream rib knit. I used the cream rib for a Sommar Tank and had just a teensy bit left over. I live in a university town (the university that I attended) and our colors are cream and crimson, so these two fabrics work especially well!

This is my second time sewing with this waffle knit, and even though I adore it, it does not like my serger. I used a zig-zag on my machine for most of the seams.

Payton Track Shorts

The way these shorts are constructed is weird and interesting and unusual. I'm not sure I can even describe it, but whatever way I was imagining beforehand, I was wrong. Follow the directions and there will be a moment when it clicks.

Payton Track Shorts

There are a TON of options in the pattern as well. Mid-rise and high-rise (mine are mid), elastic or contour waistband (I chose elastic), three inseams (mine are shortie, there is also 3" or 6") and a variety of side panel designs. I went with the pocket on the side, but it was tempting to make the retro stripe version.

Payton Track Shorts

Sometimes patterns have so many options that it's confusing, but Petite Stitchery added a page that breaks down the choices and makes it simple. I think this is only my second pattern from this company and I thought the directions were great.

Payton Track Shorts

I did have some bunching along the front crotch (camel toe) and ended up messing around with the crotch curve quite a bit. It's been deepened from the pattern. I find that crotch depth in tight-fitting knit pants frequently gives me this camel toe problem. I'm not sure if it's me, or if that's just how people draft. You can see in the photo above that even after messing with the curve, it's not perfect.

I only wear these shorts around the house, but since I spend a lot of time at home anyway they spend a lot of time on me! I would make them again in a longer inseam for wearing around town.

And now, I will finish with a photo of my butt because it makes me laugh, and ~for science~ so you can see how revealing the shortie option is.

The End

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