Friday, July 1, 2022

Linen Hey June Seaforth Pants

I love linen, I love elastic waist pants, and I love Hey June, but I was late to the Seaforth Pants game after its release. I had JUST hacked my way into a similar look with the Love Notions Allegro, but the Seaforth is definitely different. The Seaforth has that all-important back dart to reduce bulk in your elastic waistband. The leg isn't tight, but I wouldn't call it wide either. There's a view that includes an elasticized hem, and the front pockets are meant to have a welt zipper opening.

Hey June Seaforth Pants in linen

I've made two pairs of Seaforth Pants. The first is from Vintage Finish Linen in Maple, from The Fabric Store Online. This color is a chameleon. Sometimes it looks rust, sometimes brown. I've found it a little tricky to pair with other colors but I'm probably just in my head about it too much. I had the perfect matching drawstring in my stash, which was actually from an American Eagle hoodie I haven't worn since college.

I made a size 6 for my 38" hip and the fit is good, but I felt like they were a touch short. Or maybe I'm too much of a 90's girl and I expect all my pants to drag in puddles. Or maybe the linen continued shrinking after one wash. IDK. I'm not crazy about zips on pockets so I made a boring patch pocket, which I drafted myself, which is subsequently too small to put my hand inside. Whomp.

It took me a year to realize I could add an elasticized cuff to these pants and solve my too-short pants problem. I dug out my scraps and as part of #AdjustmentJuly (hashtag made up by me) I got those cuffs added. So much better!

The second pair of Seaforth Pants are from mid-weight black linen from Mood. I re-drafted my bad patch pocket opening and also added an inch of length at the hem. Instead of using 2" wide elastic in the waistband, I used 1 1/4", settled it in the bottom of the waistband, and topstitched above it to create a paperbag waist look. 

This pair is part of a faux jumpsuit. I made an Ogden Cami from the same fabric. I think it's a bit too stiff for an Ogden, but I'm hoping it relaxes over time. I do like the weight for pants.

As always, the instructions are wonderful. If you still haven't filled the elastic-waist hole in your life, the Seaforth Pants might just be for you!

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