Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Rib Knit Waistband Vero Beach Shorts

It's Hey June June! Remember last year when I made Reels showing off every Hey June pattern I've sewn? Good times. This year, I'm keeping it much more simple. I've already posted one video tutorial of how to sew the tulip hem on the Vero Beach shorts, and today I'm sharing the waistband hack I did.

Rib Knit Waistband Sewing Hack

I have a pair of ready to wear shorts that are woven, but with a rib knit waistband. I've been wanting to recreate them forever. I also have a pair of me-made grey linen shorts that have somehow not expanded to encompass my covid weight gain. Stupid shorts. 

Wrinkly linen goodness

I've made the Vero Beach shorts two times before (here's the Reel showing them off). Both pairs are more loungey and part of a set with the hoodie. This pair is definitely a stand-alone, wear them with all the tank tops, type pair. The grey linen is from It's their best-selling IL019, the color is Frost Grey.

Pictured here with a Hey June Santa Fe

Adding the knit waistband was super easy. I used the regular waistband pattern pieces and cut rib knit instead of linen. I reinforced the buttonholes with a knit interfacing before sewing them. I basted the front and back waistband together at the side seams and then tried it on around my waist. From there, I simply cut the waistband smaller and smaller (at the side seams) until it felt comfortable. It does not need to be tight enough to stay up on its own as you will add elastic later.

The rib knit stretches, so it can be much smaller than the opening of the shorts to which you are sewing it. I'm not providing an exact amount that I cut off, since each knit is different, it was 1-2" at each side seam. If you're not sure whether or not your waistband will fit into the shorts, baste it on before sewing it permanently. 

Leave an opening for your elastic and continue to sew the shorts per the directions. I included flat drawstring (it's from The Fabric Fairy, they have lots of colors!). To keep the drawstring in place, run a line of slightly longer straight stitching near the top of your waistband.

You wouldn't think that a simple switch from a woven to knit would make a huge difference in comfort, but it really does! It doesn't take that much rib knit to make the change, so a couple small cuts on hand in some of your favorite bottom weight colors is a good idea. For the life of me, I can't remember where I got this one, but probably The Fabric Fairy. I love their rib knit!

Have you tried this change to your favorite shorts pattern? If you don't have one, pick up the Vero Beach Set here!

I am a Hey June affiliate but my love for their patterns is genuine. Cotton flat tape provided for free in exchange for being a Fabric Fairy affiliate. I bought the fabric and patterns featured in this post.

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