Thursday, March 3, 2022

Friday Pattern Company Heather Blazer

 You guys. I'm in love with this project. And this isn't just I-love-it-because-I-just-finished-it love. It's real.

Forever ago, I saw this wool/linen jacquard deadstock woven on the Stonemountain and Daughter Instagram. Instant love. Combine that with the wool gauze from the same collection, and I couldn't hit "add to cart" fast enough. Once I got it, I knew it had to be a blazer. And when the fabric speaks, you listen. Somewhere after that I bought the Heather Blazer pattern. And then they sat. Christmas happened. We got covid. Blah blah. And finally I had a break in my making schedule. Bring on the blazer!!!

I previously made the Wilder Gown and the Patina Blouse from Friday, and in both cases I sized down from the chart and made an XS. Without paying too much attention to the chart, I did the same thing for the Heather. I knew it was designed to be oversized, but I wanted to avoid being swallowed. In retrospect, I probably should have stuck with the chart and made a small. It's a touch too small for easy movement, however I do love the way it looks. Additionally, it's worth noting that my lining fabric is pretty thick, and a thinner lining might have allowed more room.

Anyway. I had less than two yards of the leopard print and I just squeaked out the XS. The lining fabric is a deep purple flannel-backed satin. It's called "kasha satin" and it's from Vogue Fabrics. I ordered it as an option for my Oslo Coat, but ended up using something else. Normally, I would stay away from purple. It's my second least favorite color (yellow being my least favorite). But I knew it would work with this blazer, and if I didn't use it now I might never get it off my shelf.

In the end, I'm VERY happy with the lining. The jacquard was only juuuuust structured enough for a jacket, so the flannel backing on the satin definitely helped give the necessary body. It looks and feels luxe and somehow the purple works with the leopard print. I would 1000% order this exact fabric again for lining a coat.

This is not my first rodeo with a blazer, a notched collar, tailoring details, etc. and yet I was still impressed with the directions. The way they were written made all the steps seem completely possible. The lining is expertly drafted to fit into the shell. The diagram for sewing the sleeves together is the best I've ever seen (normally that step confuses the crap out of me). There is a video for finishing up the hem but I didn't even need it. The pattern uses woven interfacing, knit interfacing, bias cut pieces, a back stay, and hand tacking all over the place to give you a superb end result. Seriously, I cannot say enough good things!

I had a lot of fun playing dress up with and discovered that this blazer goes with way more of my wardrobe than I expected. If I want to follow trends, I guess I need some high waisted mom jeans and a crop top, but for now some Morgan jeans and an Ogden Cami will work fine.

Do you consider leopard print a neutral? It's the only print I can deal with easily. I love it so much!


  1. Leopard print is definitely a neutral! I love how your Heather Blazer came out 🤩🤩🤩 The leopard was a great choice and the purple lining is the icing on the top 💜

  2. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing your experience. I am inspired.


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