Thursday, December 29, 2016

Project Runway recap

Hello friends! I've been on a bit of a break with Christmas and my husband's vacation, so just popping in to rehash the finale episodes of Project Runway.

Spoilers ahead...

I enjoyed the first part of the finale with the home visits, and it was nice that once they were back in NY there wasn't any funny business. No last-minute looks or challenges, just put together a small show with what you've already made. Oh, and here's more money to blow at Mood just for funsies!

I could have clapped and done a happy dance when I heard Laurence say she didn't have any black in her collection, especially since she said her inspiration was going from darkness to light! I was impressed with her pieces she showed Tim and thought they looked expensive. Rik and Roberi both had issues with cohesion and that was obvious before the judges brought it up. To be honest, I'm not sure what those two were thinking. And Erin did Erin per usual, except she got a friend to make whackado prints for her. Blah.

It's no secret that I like Laurence the best, both her personality and her clothes. Sadly, I begrudgingly must agree with the judges that she didn't do enough with her collection. The garments were beautifully made, looked expensive, and her concept was solid, but they weren't exciting. It's fine if that's not her, but against the other collections understated is never going to win. Sigh.

Rik's collection was cray cray. I tried to understand the denim embroidery with the leather and just couldn't. Plus it was like, acid wash denim, with paisley, and it all just screamed ugly 90s to me.

Roberi. I just don't know. There were things I liked, but the fluorescent fabric cheapened the collection for me. The dress with the feathers that Heidi liked was the most memorable of the entire finale, I didn't even realize it was feathers. I think he was probably deserving of second place.

Erin...sigh. Correct me if I'm wrong, but has Erin made anything wearable this entire season? Perhaps the jumpsuit from a few challenges back, but that was an afterthought. I hated her collection. It was all crafty and embellished and ugly. Those weren't clothes, they were more like art that a person was wearing. Don't get me wrong, art has its place, but I didn't think its place was on a fashion tv show.

I'm sad with this season. I feel let down that Erin was proclaimed the winner from the beginning. There hasn't been any suspense leading up to her win, which makes for crummy tv on top of the fact that I don't like her clothes. So thanks a lot PR, you made me regret watching this whole season!

How do you feel about Erin's win? Was it deserved?

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  1. Her collection was predictable. Of the four, I felt Roberi was the winner.
    I am pretty much over PR. :-P


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