Monday, November 14, 2016

Project Runway recap

We're at that point in the season where I'm not going to like the eliminations. Everyone left is a good designer, so the "bottom" will be kind of murky. On the flip side, I don't think there is a clear front-runner. I'm really not sure who will make it to the end!

Spoilers ahead...

Best moments: For the most part, everyone seemed energized about seeing their loved ones. Usually somebody loses it and gets thrown off their game, but I don't think that happened here. I like that Mah-Jing had a chance to connect with his mom, despite his confession that they didn't have the best relationship. It seemed like he felt redemption in making a great design for her. And who wasn't happy to hear about a $50,000 prize?!

Worst moments: It felt pretty transparent that Jenni would be eliminated. From the consultation on, she was having a hard time with her mom. Additionally, I hated that we didn't see much of Laurence and her daughter, given what we heard of their story earlier in the season.

Best garments: Roberi's graphic dress for his graphic designer friend was adorable. Rik's age-appropriate-but-not-frumpy design was great too, though maybe a little too simple for a win. I think Mah-Jing should have won, but I guess "cute mom" prevailed over "bad ass mom"'.

Worst garments: I am completely confused as to why Erin is still here. At this point, the judges should have been questioning her taste, and her ability to do anything other than a coat. The floral lace was beyond hideous. I didn't hate Jenni's design, but I hated it for her mom. If the preschool director at my daughter's school dressed like that, I would question the entire place. It's kind of like Jenni gave up and just made an outfit for herself. Nathalia's was much worse, in my opinion, and it wasn't even finished. There's no reason why that coat should have ended up so big, and the unpressed facing was making me crazy.

I do not want to see a collection from Erin.  Please tell me that isn't going to happen!

Next week: helicopter rides!

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  1. I thought that both Nathalia and Erin were worse than Jenni. I liked Laurence, Rik and Roberi's designs, but was generally disappointed in the rest of the designs, particularly in light of each designer's emotional attachment to his or her model, and the generous size of the prize. After the first two weeks, I thought Erin was amazing, and fully expected her to make the final three. Since then, she has vacillated between mediocre and terrible, and seems to be getting worse. Her handwork was spectacular in the beginning, but it was a fail the last time she tried it (on a pair of shorts). This week's coat was unflattering, and bore no relationship to the hideous lace dress. She won't be able to rest on her laurels much longer.


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