Monday, November 7, 2016

Project Runway recap

I have to say, this season has been pretty entertaining. The challenges are fresh and interesting and the people aren't being too dramatic. Props to Heidi and the other producers for not just phoning it in and making a paycheck every week.

Spoilers ahead...

Best moments: I liked the idea of the pop-up shop with the public voting. Any time the clothes are doing something other than walking a runway (in this case, standing still) we get a new dimension to it. More often than not, clothes are on a rack or not moving, so seeing them on standing models makes more sense from a marketing perspective. I also think it was a good reality check for certain designers to hear blunt comments from "normal" people about some questionable choices in the clothes.

The Tim Gunn save was well deserved. More on that below.

Worst moments: Correct me if I'm wrong, but Cornelius voluntarily gave Erin his skirt, and she did not once offer to then make him a replacement? Not that we saw, right? And Erin and Dexter both had the audacity to say that Cornelius deserved to go home even though he said all the things the judges said. And the judges still eliminated him. I'm equal parts enraged over this and apathetic. Apathy, because I have a hard time believing the elimination wasn't staged. It was wrong, on so many levels, to send Cornelius home. Like, so wrong that it makes more sense that the judges knew Tim would save him. They didn't want to eliminate anyone so they picked the person who would get to stay. Am I crazy to think that?

Best collection: The blue team and the neutral team were both wonderful. Team Neutral pulled themselves out of a giant hole, they should be very happy. Team Blue. I was in love as much as the judges. I want Laurence's look. It's not practical at all for my life but I still want it. I want to be that woman! I can make the tshirt work, at least.

Worst collection: Um. Red. Why was there so much red?? I'm with Cornelius, it hurt my eyes after a while. I didn't really like Erin's jacket, the pockets were ridiculous. I thought Dexter's look was interesting, I didn't hate it as much as Zac did. Although I'm curious about the giant armholes and the level of side boob. I think Dexter is a bit too much in love with his own work and lacks a critical eye. Probably that applies to Erin as well.

Best quote: "Why do we always have to do sexy?" --Roberi

If I hear one word from Erin or Dexter about how unfair it is for Cornelius to still be there, I may climb through my TV and punch them. The way they handled this challenge was pathetic. Erin made a terrible garment last week and because she was on a team this week she coasted through with just a coat. I'm over her coats. I'm kind of over Laurence's jackets too, even though I love them. Show me something new.

Next week: Relatives (moms?) show up and you know somebody is going to be thrown completely off his or her game.


  1. I, too, was annoyed with Erin and Dexter, but especially with Erin. Cornelius' skirt saved her outfit, and she and Dexter should have helped him make a new one, rather than relaxing over coffee, while he slaved away alone. Either it was a team challenge, so everyone should work until all of the work is done, or it wasn't. That said, eliminations are based on the work presented on the runway, and not on sportsmanship or fairness. I believe this is as it should be, even though it is sometimes hard to accept. The reason Cornelius was the right person to eliminate is that his outfit on the runway was inferior to the other two, because of the way the new skirt was apparently pulling in long wrinked lines all the way around the waist. His replacement skirt was a fail. He would have been justified in asking Erin to return his skirt, and use her own skirt instead, because he simply didn't have time to make a new one. However, because he was a good sport, whereas his two teammates were not, he was the proper choice for the judges, based on what was presented on the runway. That said, I was SOOO happy that Tim Gunn did the right thing, and used his save. I have a very hard time accepting unfairness, even when I understand it! I very much appreciate your post-show commentaries.

    1. I never thought of that, he definitely would have been justified in asking for his skirt back in order to save his own skin. It certainly would not have changed the fact that the red team was in the bottom, but he would have been protected. Now I wish he would have done that, it would have served Erin right!

  2. And cynic that I am, I believe Tim Gunn was told to save him for the drama that will ensue between him, Dexter and Erin. :-P

    I loved the blue team, and also loved Roberi's sexy quote, ha!

    The pockets on the outside of Erin's coat looked like odd purses and very cartoon-like, to me.

    I was a little torn on the win, I loved Roberi's, but I also thought Ric did a great job.

    The neutral leggings with the cuts in the knees just looked like they needed to be mended.

    1. In my mind, Tim Gunn is equally as important to Project Runway as the judges. I don't think anyone tells him to do anything, including when and why to use his save. If I recall correctly, Tim does not use his save every season, and does so only for extraordinary situations. This was such a situation, because a good designer was being eliminated because of a bad and unfair circumstance. He would not have been in that position, if he had not sacrificed his skirt for the benefit of the team. Then, he didn't have time to sew an adequate replacement. I thought it was the right call.


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