Thursday, July 28, 2016

Baby Clothes with a Baby in Them

No point trying to come up with a clever post title when I'm only sleeping for two hours at a time. I'm keeping it simple folks. I posted plenty of adorable baby clothes when I was still pregnant, but nothing quite compares to seeing those garments on an actual baby. Baby M is almost three weeks old, so I have some feedback on the garments I made, finally!

First thing you need to know is that she was born eight days past her due date, and she weighed a full pound more than my first two kids. I'm glad that I didn't spend much time on newborn size items, focusing instead on 0-3 months, which is the size of this Lullaby Line Lap Tee. The Birch Organics interlock is SO GOOD for baby clothes. Like, go buy some, now.

Second, I previously mentioned that we use cloth diapers with wool covers, so all the bottoms you see in these photos are super soft merino wool (made by a company called Sustainablebabyish if you're curious). The brand has quite the cult following (me included!) and it's part of the fun to find (or make, in my case) perfect matches, like above and below.

The onesies I hemmed and appliqued have been outgrown the fastest, as they aren't super stretchy. Gerber onesies tend to run small, these are 0-3 month. At least they were inexpensive to make.

I realize that M looks like a boy in most of these photos. I did make coordinating headbands in case we had another girl, but only one was big enough, and basically for only two days. Again, giant baby.

So far, my favorite items have been the Kimono Kid tops. At 10lbs+ they're starting to fit just right (0-3 month size) and since I don't have to pull them over her head, M likes them too. The only disappointing part is the internal metal snaps being kind of sucky (more info about that here in case you missed my review).

Along those same lines, I'm disappointed with my Brindlle & Twig coveralls. The neckline is weirdly high and I've had so much trouble with the snaps. Not fun at 3am when your baby is screaming and you HAVE to change her clothes because she spit up all over them. I don't have any photos of that, you'll have to use your imagination.

Thanks for taking a peek at my baby clothes "in action," I'm so glad I was able to make this adorable capsule wardrobe!

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  1. Thanks for the honest feedback and satisfying us with cute photos. You must be exhausted!! You have a lovely family. Thanks for sharing K xXx

  2. She makes the clothes look even cuter!

  3. Lovely clothes and adorable little girl.

  4. Thank you for sharing the cuteness :)

  5. Your baby is adorable; love that green bow on her.


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