Monday, November 2, 2015

Project Runway recap

Will you be watching Project Runway Junior? I'll admit, the most I've seen about it is one commercial watched on mute (this is what happens when you turn off your cable). Someone give me the details so I don't have to look it up. But first, let's get oh so close to finishing up this season!

Spoilers ahead...(see, fans of TWD, that's how you warn people, not by posting crap on Facebook for those of us who are behind or don't watch live...but I digress...)

Best moments: Edmond is, predictably, saved by Tim Gunn. I don't think even Edmond was surprised, but still, yay!

I loved that Edmond didn't take his looks out of his garment bags when he got to the workroom.

I was VERY happy that there were no eliminations or shenanigans. Make one new look (kind of a given) and that's all. Get feedback. All good things, unless you're Edmond and left yourself a bunch of work.

Worst moments: Home visits always make people more real, and therefore, usually more likable. I don't think it worked that way with Candice. I'm just totally turned off by her now. 

Best mini collection: I thought Kelly's was so cool...until the judges saw it. Then I realized how right they were, that it wasn't luxe/high fashion/expensive. Maybe that's not who Kelly is, soooo does that mean she can't win the show? Are we suddenly living in a world where Ashley can make her 1,000,000th ill-fitting bustier and that's okay?? I do give Ashely props, however, for her use of color and for using "plus size" models. I think it's super cool that she's brave enough to pursue that when its so against the grain in the industry.

Worst mini collection: Ugggggggh why so much black Edmond and Candice? I mean, okay, I wear a lot of black myself, but using it for an entire collection is so boring. In fact, I feel like a boring person when I wear black. And adding leather makes it so bondagey and Tim was right to tell Candice that it looked like streetwalker-wear. I guess she's not going to listen. And she's not going to win (I hope?).

Best quote: "I mean, I might be making this up, but I'm pretty sure he loved everything." --Kelly

Wow, the judges were pretty brutal with everyone. Probably a good thing, since they all seemed to think they had it in the bag. But I'm going to turn down my expectations a notch (even more than they already were) for the finale. Any predications?


  1. Edmond is, predictably, saved by Tim Gunn. I don't think even Edmond was surprised, but still, yay!

    Agreed! LOL!!! He didn't have a look of surprise or shock or anything on his face :)

    I loved that Edmond didn't take his looks out of his garment bags when he got to the workroom.

    SAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Especially since they all wanted to see his goodies!

    I am like the only person who didn't think the judges were hard on them. But like you, Bleh to Candice. Bleh. Bleh. BLEHHHHHHHHHH. I'm over her. Completely.

    I still really like Edmond and hope he edits. I do not see his vision though in this collection.

    I still like Ashley but I am not confident because she takes criticism far too hard, imo. I hope she knows she can give life to her collection by strategically adding a few things and doing some mixing and matching and not send 10 monochrome looks down the runway.

    I did not like Kelly's preview collection but she has consistently been the person that gets feedback and then turns around and KILLS IT. So my money is still kind of on her.

    I will not be watching PR Jr because I am the person that thinks that other people's kids are cute for like 13 seconds, and then I'm over it. I think I could MAYBE watch this if it were constrained. Like a whole, entire season? Meh.

    When does All Stars come back!?!?

    1. Yeah, I think Kelly and Ashley need to mix up their pieces or they're in trouble. I don't get Edmond's concept either, I hope that it does come through in the final collection.

      Hehehe...I'm right there with you about other people's kids ;)

  2. Yup, not surprised at the Edmund save. I do wish he had listened about the high necked long dress.

    Kelly does listen to feedback. And I LOVED that she had all of her clothes finished.

    I am curious to see if Ashley takes the advice of the judges and Tim, and refrains from using every single floral headpiece.

    Candice's designs are predictable. Nothing new and exciting.

    I watched part of the kid PR once, and it was painful.


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