Monday, September 28, 2015

Project Runway recap

We're halfway through this season. Thoughts? This seems like a highly forgettable one. I don't love anyone. I don't hate anyone. The designs are kind of boring. What a shame, because the challenges are interesting for once.

Spoilers ahead...

Best moments: I liked this challenge, despite the shameless plug for Finding Neverland. I've seen worse cross-promoting, certainly this show is famous for it.

I like that Edmond bought feathers that he didn't use. Why not? Isn't it better to have a lot of crazy options, as long as you do have the ability to edit?

Worst moments: A few weeks ago I said that I like Swapnil. I don't know now. He's becoming fairly cocky and arrogant, and when he was in the middle he got all whiny about it. I think he needs to get his head out of his butt and stop listening to everyone telling him how talented he is.

Best garments: Um...I didn't have a favorite this week. Sad.

Worst garments: Wow, Ashley's was a hot mess. It takes a special kind of fail to make something that's both too big and too small.

Even though she won, I thought Candice's dress was way too costumey. Am I crazy? It did look well-made and complicated, though.

Laurie's "garment" was beyond awful. It was so, so, so bad. I don't understand. The boobs were supposed to be out? She didn't have a plan for that? And what is her obsession with hot pants? The fabric looked like upholstery. It's embarrassing that she didn't go home for that.

Best quote: "I was inspired by the pictures I saw on the wall...when I was waiting for the bathroom." --Kelly

My husband asked me if the designers are really scored on each week's challenge, or if it's cumulative over the whole show. I see what he's getting at, if they were truly judged week-to-week then Laurie should have been out. I think the judges were just tired of Lindsey, and frankly, she seemed quite tired of them.

Next week: School? Is it the design your own print challenge?


  1. Oh Laurie, that was bad in all ways. Kelly kept me laughing, she was on a roll.
    Swapnil's whining - ugh. We've seen that dress before, in years past.
    It IS tough to get excited about any of them.

  2. I've reached the point in this season where I find myself watching long enough to find out what the challenge is then fast forwarding to the end for the runway show.
    Team Edmond!

    1. I don't blame you, it's not that I want drama, it's just that the design process has been sooooo boring!


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