Friday, September 11, 2015

A Peek at my Stash: Denim

Today I'd like to kick off a new series, all about snooping around in my fabric stash. I'm hoping that by writing these posts, I'll pay more attention to the lovely fabrics I already have, rather than constantly buying new ones. I encourage you to check out your own stashes and see what forgotten beauties you have lingering there. Tell me all about it in the comments! A little accountability goes a long way, right?

I'm currently slaving away over my very first pair of jeans (!!!), so we're going to peek at the different denims I've been hoarding. A few quick stats:

Number of cuts: 5

Amount of yardage: 8 yards

Oldest fabric: 2 1/2 years old

All have a purpose?: no

Number of "what was I thinking" cuts: 2

These denims range from short remnants bought at Jo-Ann's, to larger designer fabrics bought at Mood. Some are stretch denims and some are not. I believe the short pieces were intended to be jeans for the kids, and the longer pieces jeans or Sewaholic Thurlows (for the non-stretch denim) for me.

My biggest "what was I thinking" offender is this sparkly stretch denim:

I bought it to make Jamie Jeans, probably a year ago, but now it's screaming 14-year-old girl at me. Since I am not a 14 year old girl, I will either chop this up for muslins, or hoard it until one of my kids IS a 14 year old girl.

My favorite cut is this black organic cotton stretch denim, from Nature's Fabrics:

This is what I'm currently using for Jamie Jeans. Can you believe I've never owned a pair of black jeans? They definitely seem more sophisticated than your standard blue jeans, and I cannot wait to see how my finished pair ends up.

Any secret denim shame hiding in your stash? Any beauties? Tell me someone has some of that amazing Cone Mills denim that Heather (from Closet Case Files) was offering a few months ago!


  1. I do have some amazing selvedge denim but picked up from SR Harris, a local warehouse here. I don't know if I'll ever cut it :)

    I was hoarding denim since I first started to sew. My first 2 pair of jeans were made with Hancock flat-fold table fabric and it's not bad quality at all.

    But I have some cuts of Rock & Republic (SR Harris, again) that I am sitting on. Waiting for the "right" time ;-) I want to make the Jamie jeans too...but when I bought them I didn't realize they were intended for stretch denim. I despise lycra in my jeans. Absolutely hate it. :( So I've stayed stuck on my Style Arc Sandras.

    I did decide though, at some point, that I must have a pair of khaki-colored flared jeans. Why? I don't know. But the idea won't leave! lol! I'll have to see how this twill from FM washes up!

    Can't wait to see your jeans!!! You can make sparkly jeans for your little one! The 90s are coming back so go ahead and make her a whole outfit; denim jacket and matching jeans a la 1993! :)

  2. Ooh! I love the idea of this series! I have too much denim in my stash to count. Like you some is from Joann's and I have a piece from Mood.


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