Friday, August 14, 2015

Project Runway recap

Did you miss me this week? I still haven't solved the mystery of the bleeding neon swimsuit, in fact it's only getting worse. It's so comical that I can't even be mad. The first time in three years I've had a problem with dye bleed, and it's with a swimsuit. OF COURSE.

Spoilers ahead...

Best moment: So did Merline stop talking? 

I kind of love how Edmond is ignoring everyone. It's one thing to say you're not there to make friends, and then set out to make enemies. Finally, someone is just there to work. And did he pack a tuxedo shirt because he knew he'd be making a wedding dress?

Heidi somehow looks more beautiful every year. I'm beginning to think she made some unholy pact in exchange for everlasting good looks.

Worst moment: Blake, you're not adorable. Youth is no excuse for being immature and awful. The amount of fake bravado coming out of his mouth makes me nauseated.

Best garment: Swapnil made polka dots out of polka dots. Heh. But really, can anything top a paper wedding dress? No.

Worst garment: I hate Blake's dress less since he did use fabric from the cards, but blech. I didn't understand all the love. Also, his model scared the crap out of me. But definitely the worst was David. He knew what he was doing wouldn't fly but he did it anyway. I'm glad to see that he wasn't rewarded for not following the rules, which sometimes happens on this show.

And, umm...once you see Gabrielle's dress as a tampon, you can't un-see it. How was this not in the bottom??

Best quote: "Blake's design makes me feel like I'm in Vegas, and I've never been to Vegas."--Swapnil

The intro week and unconventional week are over. Now we can get to the real show. 

Next week: Teams. "You know, teamwork" to quote from my daughter's favorite Spongebob book. From the previews, it looks like maybe these designers need to learn a lesson from Spongebob.


  1. Dang it. I can't unsee tampon now :(

    I am over Blake. As if he wasn't already annoying enough, his "I don't speak Indian" pushed him over the edge...or rather made me want to push him over the edge. Of a cliff.

    I liked Swapnil's best! But I like Edmond and would totally be like him. Leave me be, do your work, don't worry about what I'm sewing!

    I hate. hate. hate the unconventional materials challenge (was that an All Stars season where they had like 13?! I exaggerate but...). Can't wait for next week!

    1. I hate the unconventional challenge too. I feel like nobody should be eliminated unless they just don't finish or follow the rules, which is what happened here at least!

  2. Blake is hands down my least favorite. I just want to slap him when he opens his mouth. So ignorant, not cute, not really that talented.

  3. I really don't understand what the judges seen in Blake's hideous dress. I'm super happy with the winner of the challenge. Excited to see what Edmond does next challenge. I hope though because he has immunity he doesn't pull an Ashley. Her poncho was fugly and I don't think she put any thought into it because..why? she had immunity.
    My favorite quote this episode came from Amanda...nobody wants to see a manatee penis walking down the wut

    1. I can't really blame Ashley...I would probably do the same! Amanda was annoying me, trying to point fingers at other designers rather than just accepting that she DID make an ugly garment.


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