Thursday, August 6, 2015

Project Runway preview

Tonight at 9pm EST on Lifetime, season 14 of Project Runway debuts! As always, I've done the grunt work for you and perused the Q&As of the new designers. Let's see what we're working with this year!

Amanda--Remember that season when they picked a bunch of people and told them they were on the show, then cut a few before it even started? She was one of them. Her clothes are fun.

Ashley--She's a baby, 23! Most of her clothing is for plus-size women, so I'm interested to see if she can design for the stick figure models that PR provides.

Blake--Is it a requirement that this show have a contestant named Blake every single year? This guy's answers were super cocky and annoying. He's 24's an act? To cover up his insecurities?

Candice--She seems suuuuuper deep and thoughtful, which is great in a friend but maybe not in a time-crunch situation. Her entire closet (her own clothes) was black. Lots of leather.

David--Actually wishes the menswear challenge will happen. I respect that. Men who don't sew menswear weird me out.

Duncan--It's never a good sign when someone says "I hope I can win!" However, he's from New Zealand, so I forgive him everything as long as he keeps talking.

Edmond--He's been auditioning since season 1, so he's...tenacious?

Gabrielle--This girl reminded me a lot of Leanne. Softspoken, but talented and focused on her client. Watch out for her!

Hanmiao--She hasn't thought about winning...see Duncan, above.

Jake--The answer to his first question on the web was longer than about 10 other designer's entire Q&A. He has no traditional schooling, which I think can be an advantage on this show as long as you know how to sew.

Joseph--His answers were so blah and didn't stand out at all, but on screen he was so. mean.

Kelly--Another self-taught designer, she's willing to take risks, but her clothes might go too far into artsy-crafty.

Laurie--Anyone who lists time management as a weakness is going to have trouble on this show, but her clothes are classy and cool.

Lindsey--Explicitly said she's here for exposure. Not sure how I feel about that.

Merline--Finally, someone who isn't afraid of team challenges! If she can get a handle on her own time management issues she could do well.

Swapnil--Pretty tight-lipped and can't handle working with others. He might be one to run off and leave the show during a team challenge like what's his name before him. His work is pretty intricate so he might have time issues.

This seems like a good group of designers. A bunch of them were from San Francisco, I'm wondering if any of them know one another. You can actually watch Road to the Runway online now, if you just can't wait until tonight!


  1. I just watched Road to the Runway, they ARE an interesting group. I like Laurie's designs, I would love to wear them. Hanmio is intriguing. I agree with your assessments, let's GO!

  2. Kelly is NOT ready for this level of competition

    Blake is annoying.

    Ashley is fantastic. <3


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