Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Project Runway All Stars recap

Wait a minute. Ariel was inspired by Alyssa Milano? That was so weird how awkwardly she mentioned it, but it made me love her forever. The Little Mermaid was and is my favorite Disney movie of all time. Of course, now I won't be able to watch it without thinking of Alyssa Milano...

Highlights: Everybody was being nice to Justin, which was sweet.

Zanna's hot pink lace button-up with white jeans? DIE! This summer when I'm a mother of two can I wear that? No? Sad face.

Lowlights: So, up to this point, did the two former winners (Dmitry and Michelle) not win a challenge? Odd.

I was disappointed by every sketch. Nobody's sketch looked like crazytown, which is what I expect from avant garde.

Best garment: Most of these were disappointing. The only one I could say I liked was Jay's. It was interesting and chiffon+vinyl is something I hadn't seen before. Dmitry, well, Fabio was right.

Worst garment: Helen. You bombed with ruffles before. Did you forget about that? She's a one-way monkey, as Dmitry would say. She took the most simple shape (a shift dress) and added ruffles. Blah. Judges, you're crazy, and you have short memories.

Michelle's was a hot mess, but her girl's makeup was cool. What is it with Justin, he either makes a short-short skirt, or some longish granny skirt.

Am I the only one who thinks that Justin's personality takes him further than his work? Which is fine, there's more than one way to "get ahead" in this world. But during his season, his nice-ness landed him at Fashion Week, which didn't feel particularly fair. I'm not that interested in seeing another collection from him, so I don't mind his elimination.

Next week: Um, business? IDK, that promo was confusing.

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