Monday, January 12, 2015

Project Runway All Stars recap

Yay, Project Runway is back! I certainly appreciated some creativity and inspiration to distract me from this bitterly cold weather we're having. I think it's been a week since I left my house #SAHMlife

Highlights: Bathing suits! Having faced that particular fear myself I was anxious to see how "real" designers would handle it. The not-so-shocking truth: they're human too. I laughed when Michelle mentioned fold-over elastic, as I had been thinking to myself "I wonder if they know to use FOE" and apparently she was the only one who did.

Lowlights: The first ten minutes of this episode were ridiculously stupid. From the staged USA Today to the pool boys to the underwater was dumb. I felt my brain cells dying.

I kind of forgot that Georgina was on this show, which is a crime.

Best garment: I liked Jay's dress and Michelle's swimsuit. She really transformed that "Charlie Brown" fabric. I love a good jumpsuit but I agreed with Isaac that there was something going on with the sides of Samantha's. Did it have wings or something? I give Justin props for making the only thing that could be worn down to the pool and wouldn't require a full stripping routine.

Worst garment: Um, all of the swimsuits can be purchased right now from Victoria's Secret. Originality in swimwear is HARD. They were poorly made (with the exception of Michelle's). No, they weren't at Emilio's level of string-and-washers, but I swear some were just cut raw and left unfinished. Barf.

I think Samantha's time was up a while ago, so no surprise seeing her eliminated. But will someone give Dmitry a win already?!

Next week: avant garde!


  1. I am not a Dmitry fan. I think he THINKS he's so modern but he's kinda "old ladies who lunch" in my opinion.

    I loved (!) Sonjia's lace outfit, hated her swimsuit.
    Loved(!) Michelle's swimsuit, hated her dress.
    Loved the jumpsuit, the swimsuit was so unfortunate. SO unfortunate.

    1. Yeah, Dmitry's designs aren't super hip, but everything he makes is so well-done! I don't mind his attitude because he only brings it out when provoked, unlike other people!


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