Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Project Runway All-Stars recap!

As I type this my daughter is putting Legos down the back of my shirt because she thinks it's a pocket. I would love to see the Project Runway designers work under these kinds of conditions! They'd probably just complain like they always do.

Spoilers ahead...

Highlights: Zanna is gorgeous. I have some serious hair envy when it comes to her. And accent envy.

I only liked this because I like Dmitry, but I chuckled at his confidence when it came to the execution of his copied look. His top WAS better than Chris'. But I was still glad to see that Dmitry was taken down a peg by sending an embarrassingly bare butt down the runway.

Lowlights: Snooki and JWoww? Really? And even more awful, they were guest judging with Elie Tahari, who is big enough on his own. This is me shaking my head at you, show.

I wish that everyone had immunity during an unconventional challenge, and that there was just some huge giganto prize instead. Alexandra was spot on with her criticisms.

I like Alyssa Milano as host, but her maternity clothes are so unfortunate. I guess she's kind of like Heidi, she wears whatever she wants, but still...where does one even find a denim maternity jumpsuit?

Best garment: I thought Jay's blue tarp dress looked the most like clothing, although he DID use a tarp, so...too much like fabric for him to win?

I also couldn't believe that Fabio's pretty quilted outfit wasn't in the top. He was the only one to use a fun, vibrant color.

Worst garment: I can't get behind Justin's zip tie dress. It looked too much like Sean's straw dress from last season. That said, Alexandra's was, unfortunately, the worst. I liked her!

I hope there are no more unconventional challenges this season. I don't know why the host always says it's a popular challenge, who likes it?! I'm over it. Lose it. It IS like being asked to make a cake with garbage, or whatever Alexandra said.

Next week: Wicked vs. Nice and yet another excuse for Kate to make a wedding dress. Also, if you've seen Wicked the musical and NOT read the book, we can't be friends.

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