Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Project Runway All-Stars recap, and FFC Winner!

I think we could have done with at least a week's break between shows, yes? I guess Lifetime thinks that if they give us any time off, we'll forget all about them. It's okay Lifetime, you're needy, I get it. I forgive you.

Spoilers ahead...

Highlight: There were a few designers in here that I was happy to see again, along with Georgina Chapman. Dmitry was my favorite in his season, and I think Alexandra is very talented even if she's cold and scary on TV.

Lowlight: Sadly, I think there are more designers I didn't want to see. It hasn't been enough time since we saw Michelle, Patricia and Helen. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, y'know. Although it will never be long enough for me to grow fond of Gunnar. And Kate...isn't three times kind of pathetic? And again with the bad white wedding dress?

I also didn't understand this challenge. I know New York is just so cool and all, but not everyone pays enough attention to know the difference between uptown and downtown.

Best garments: I adored Fabio's jumpsuit. I'm pretty sure I NEED a silk jersey jumpsuit. To what fashion god do I need to pray to ensure that jumpsuits are still in next summer? I'm also crazy about Alexandria's look.

Worst garments: Justin's was so bad...he was lucky his team was in the top. I agreed with Alyssa Milano about Michelle's car seat cover dress. How many times have we seen that just because a fabric is expensive doesn't mean it's in good taste? And what was with the color palette of the girl team anyway? Does taupe look good on anyone?

Best quote: Patricia's words in her Native American language, to which the judges automatically said thank you. I sincerely hope she said something naughty and then laughed backstage.

In the end, I think the judges made the right choice in sending Patricia home, even though I would have been happy to be rid of Kate this early too. I have a feeling this season could get kind of ugly with this pack of people. They have no reason to play nice anymore.

And finally, we have a randomly selected winner of the $35 gift card to Girl Charlee! The lucky Fear Fabric Challenge participant is...

Hanni! She made this awesome costume for her daughter for Halloween, complete with super scary special occasion fabrics. Hanni, I'll be in touch with the details of claiming your prize! Thanks for playing along everyone, and be thinking what you might want to sew next year :)


  1. Yay! So excited about the gift card to Girl Charlee! Thanks for hosting the contest!

  2. Patricia's darts were some of the worst I have seen, but at least she could defend her garment intelligently.
    Kate's was so so bad. She was robbed of the "auf".

    1. Yeah, it's too bad Patricia didn't get to add her trim, it might have saved her.

  3. Ugh yeah so many recent designers - spread out the love, please! And I was not happy to see Kate again - 3 times really. Booo. Lol


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