Friday, July 25, 2014

Project Runway rehash!

Am I the only one who didn't know there was a pre-show "Road to the Runway" thingy airing before PR? Thank goodness for a DVR that's smarter than me! Although I feel like it's a needless waste of time (not to mention angst on the part of the eliminated designers). It did surprise me that Emmanuel didn't make it into the competition.

Spoilers ahead...

Highlight: I was happy that the first challenge was open-ended. Sure, the fabrics were somewhat limited, but that's real life. They all had an equal chance to show a spring look, something that they'll have to do for the rest of their lives.

And I'm sure next week will be a completely unfair unconventional challenge.

Lowlight: Korina's cattiness was tiring. Maybe my threshold for bad-mouthing is getting lower, but I will never understand how these designers have time to pick apart someone else. Shouldn't you be worrying about yourself?! Her face when Sandhya won made it all worth it.

Best garment: I liked Char's design quite a bit, although I'm sure if she had her choice she would have gone with different textiles. It was very YELLOW! I was very surprised she didn't win.

I also liked Angela's look, particularly the pants. I wish I were that girl!

Worst garment:

Me to my husband: "I hope Sandhya doesn't win, because her's was ugly."
Heidi: "Sandhya, you are the winner."

It was SO. BAD. There's always one WTF judging moment each season, but I didn't expect it to come this early! And Jefferson's? I thought he was in the top. It had its flaws but at least it didn't look like it got caught in a Sharknado. I did love Sandhya's mini collection she brought to the interviews (all the pink and blue!!) so we'll see where she goes from here.

Also? Hated Amanda's shark teeth pants.

Best line of the night: "Heidi, don't you think this garment should come with a gift certificate for a Brazilian?" --Tim Gunn

Did anyone else notice that when Julie Bowen said "DIY" that a definition appeared on the screen? WHAT? You have designers spouting off about chiffon and quilting and draping and lots of other things that a regular person wouldn't understand (I didn't, before I learned to sew) but you define DIY?! I hope these definitions continue, perhaps they'll give us one for "bad taste" so we can figure out what the heck Nina is always talking about.

Umm...and RED ROBIN is giving the designers the $100,000 prize. I almost fell off the couch laughing at this. I love their food, but a burger covered in pineapple doesn't exactly make me think high fashion. Getting hard up for sponsors PR?

Did you watch last night? Thoughts on this fresh batch of designers?


  1. Ditto on Korina. Ugh. I did like Amanda's pants, haha! I was surprised Char did not win, loved that look.
    Red Robin brought a head tilt from me. Okaaay. I hope Angela can calm down and become more confident.

    1. Poor Angela. I'm afraid she'll be given a tougher challenge than this one and just crumble.

  2. I died laughing when Char first seen her fabric and was like, what am I supposed to do with this floral grandma fabric? It was totally the same fabric I used for my Emery dress. Mitchell used pieces of it in his strange "DIY" get up. I hated Emily's look. I think my favorite was Zini's look just because it's something I would totally wear and that's what I wanna see, things I would totally wear. And a big ol' WTF for the winner !?!?!? I don't get it. I don't get you judges.

    1. Some people can make floral work, and some can't! I guess Char can't :)

  3. I liked best the designs of Char, Samantha and Amanda, in no particular order. I did not like Emily's bustier/dress, Herman's dress was too tight and too high on the back of the legs, Mitchell's design was boring, I liked Jefferson's top, but not the shorts, and I thought Sandhya's dress looked ragged and ugly. I did not understand why the judge's liked her best, and do not believe they will fall for her again. Everyone else was in the middle.

    1. I hope Sandhya does something completely different next time...this just did not work me!


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