Friday, July 18, 2014

Project Runway preview!

Can you believe it's been seven months since Project Runway: All Stars ended, and three months since Under the Gunn?! It's been nine months since a "real" season of PR! Holy moley! In this desert wasteland of TV known as "summer" it will be nice to have something new to watch. Don't worry about me, I've been spending plenty of time outdoors, but by 9pm I'm comfortably settled in my jammies and ready to veg out.

I've taken a look at this season's contestants and done the hard work for you. Here's a quick summary of my impressions!

Alexander--1st time auditioning, loves black, wouldn't mind a team challenge: It all depends who is on my team, however I like the idea of being able to bounce ideas around and collaborating to make a strong look.

Angela--Honestly answered that she's not sure she could win, she could "have a bad day" and be eliminated. That's totally me! But she sounds very hard-working and determined, though inexperienced as she recently changed careers.

Carrie--Listed pink as one of her favorite colors, so a win for me! She has a lifetime of experience and can work quickly, which is always an advantage. However, her designs are intricate, and she might be one to run out of time and throw out a bad look.

Char--She's wearing jeans and a t-shirt in her photo online. I love her already. She's self-taught and listed knits as a favorite. She has some cool photos in her portfolio, but I have a hard time seeing a clear message about "who she is as a designer" which always riles up the judges for some reason.

Emily--She didn't make a huge impression on me, but she works at Britex, which is cool. Another knits lover. Could be a dark horse.

Emmanuel--I think he'll be a strong competitor. His portfolio shows a lot of range, from complicated menswear to simple, beautiful dresses. He has a lot of education and professional experience.

F├Ąde--"I used to cook until I bought a sewing machine, since then no time for anything else." Amen! That's how I feel. I'm not sure he has enough experience to go very far.

Hernan--He's already presented at Fashion Week. Kind of tight-lipped in his Q&A, but hey, at least he mentioned Heidi as one of his super model muses! She hardly ever gets a mention for some odd reason!

Jefferson--Claims to have a good sense of proportion, and I can see that in his work. Otherwise he seemed "completely ordinary in the best way" (any other Frozen watchers out there?).

Are your eyes glazing over yet? Mine too. This is only half the contestants. Stay tuned until next week and I'll review the rest! Project Runway premieres Thursday, July 24th at 9pm/est!


  1. I'm looking forward to Project Runway too!! I haven't had a chance to look through all the contestants yet. My only concern is the Runway Redemption and Ken returning. I understand the "need" for drama but that was too much and it crossed the line to hateful. I hope Alexander or Amanda get to return.

    1. I forgot about the Runway Redemption! Hopefully, if Ken is chosen, he's had time to acquire some self-awareness. I do think he's talented, but his attitude overshadows that.


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