Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Garage sales are awesome

I'll admit, I don't always have much luck at antique stores/thrift shops/garage sales. So when I do happen to find "the honey hole" as they say on American Pickers, I can't help but show off. Indulge me please?

This big pile of goodies cost me a cool $13.50. Every year, the historical society in my county has a HUGE fundraising garage sale. It's held in a warehouse as big as a football field (American football hehe). This was my second time going and I've been looking forward to it since last year. It did not disappoint!

Guess I won't be making my own bias tape anytime soon. And most of it is cotton, not polyester!

20+ zippers for $1? Yes please!

Even though it's vintage, this dressmaker's paper can't possibly be any worse than the Dritz kind, and it quite possibly will be better. I bought the dress shields because it's cool to see something in person that you've only read about in books.

How cute is this?? For $1, a yard of a cotton/poly knit and matching ribbing. I'm WAY excited about this find and I love the colors of the stripes.

This pattern looks so chic and fancy, and once you read the instructions it becomes even fancier. The wrapped portions are fastened with two sets of four hook and eyes! And imagine my surprise when I got home, and instead of tissue paper I found this:

Does anyone know what this is?! I peeked in the envelope before I bought it and I thought the pattern pieces must have been wrapped in paper towels or something. This is some kind of foam-like paper? Seriously, someone help me out!

A bit over 2 yards of gauze for $1.

A bag of random "silks" (will have to do a burn test). Nothing big enough for more than scarves, sadly.

My dog thought this might be a toy.

And look! A pressing mitt/ham thingy! Believe it or not, I don't have one of these. This one was $1 and looks handmade. 

There were also some random odds and ends, like 2 packs of jean rivets and lots of trims. Best. Day. Ever.

The day after the historical society sale, I found a garage sale on Craigslist advertising fabric and sewing stuff. I got some random fabric (small pieces to make things for AB) and a Stretch and Sew swimsuit pattern (uncut). 

And a new Neiman Marcus tote bag, in my favorite hot pink, for $3!

In closing, do you get excited for garage sale season? Have you ever hit the jackpot like Sally from The Quriky Peach? I think I need to be visiting more estate sales!


  1. WOW! You did hit the jackpot! Love that Butterick pattern. I have some old patterns that are unprinted as far as markings on the tissue, but the material you describe has me stumped.
    And look at all those zippers - pretty colors, too. :-D

  2. It feels kind of like a treasure hunt, right? Get to the best ones before anyone else does! I did some great bargain shopping at my local fabric store today, but after seeing Sally's pile, my own doesn't look that impressing anymore :D

    1. Haha no kidding, I was rushing my daughter out the door thinking "we have to get there fiiiiiiirst!"

  3. It looks like the original owner of the pattern transferred all of the tissue pieces onto heavy weight sew-in interfacing. That stuff lasts forever.

    1. Thanks for your help! If this stuff is interfacing, I'd hate to have it in my clothes!


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