Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Wardrobe Architect: spring/summer color palette

When I started playing with colors for a spring/summer capsule wardrobe, it felt like I was making two palettes at once. Here's a rough draft:

Are you seeing what I'm seeing? First of all, there are probably too many colors here. But secondly, it felt like two different groups. Blues/greens and pink/reds. It pained me to think about choosing one or the other, so I left a frustrated comment on the original post.

Thankfully, there were some responses and feedback that blue and pink definitely DO go together, but that I should try tweaking the shades a bit. I played around with the colors some more and ended here:

I needed a darker blue (navy) and a lighter pink. Those two shades will balance out some of the brighter ones that I can't resist, like neon pink or sky blue. Once I'd settled on these colors, I had a lot of fun looking up outfits on Pinterest that fit this palette (all the while reminding myself that these are for a CAPSULE collection, not the REST OF MY LIFE). It was amazing, but when I started looking for these colors in my life, I saw that they were everywhere.

Have you ever done something like this with color palettes? I could see it being useful for sewing or something like decorating your house. 

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