Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Restyled spring frock

Remember my disappointing potential Easter dress from a few weeks ago? A few people mentioned some styling options that would address my concerns. Today I'm posting an update so we can see what worked!

Original styling:

If you recall, my beef with this dress is that the waistline hits in the wrong place on my body, and there is a lot of volume in the bodice. The above photos show it with no accessories, with a medium-sized belt, and with a jacket. I decided to hunt for a wider belt and a shorter jacket. Here's what I came up with!

New styling:

What do you think? The wider belt definitely helps. It covers up the elastic waist (which hits too high) as well as fitting over my actual waist. By the way, I bought this belt at Goodwill for $1, after looking at something similar at Target for $15. It's sort of a deep plum color. It's completely perfect for this dress and I was thrilled to nab it for a buck!

The first jacket was a bit too long. This new jacket is a one that I've had for a while and is the closest thing I own to a cropped style. However, it's really too casual for this type of dress, so the first jacket is the lesser of two evils.

Of all these looks, I think my favorite is the wide belt and no jacket. The belt sort of saves this whole project for me. It controls the volume nicely without looking forced. It's especially noticeable from the back.

I hope by the time Easter rolls around it will be warm enough to go with a sleeveless dress. Either way, I'm happy to find a solution for some of the problems with this garment.


By the way, if you're looking for a tutorial on using seam binding on a hem, Angela Wolf posted one the day after I originally blogged this dress. Good to know I was doing it right, because I was kind of winging it!


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