Thursday, December 5, 2013

Men's Pea Coat, part 1 (of 1,000)

In my sneak peek post on Monday, I showed this photo:

Could you tell that it's a men's pattern? It's Vogue 8940. Somehow I got it in my head that I should make my husband a coat for Christmas. I think it was the new Colette Albion that inspired me. I ordered that pattern right away, but by the time it got here my husband decided it wasn't quite his style. My mind was spinning with ways I could alter the Albion, and then I found this Vogue pattern and started jumping up and down (almost literally). Plus it was a few days before Vogues were going on sale at Jo-Ann's. Kismet!

We went to Target and tried on similar coats, and hubby decided he'd like the short version, View A. Except without that weird rectangle of topstitching on the front. Basically, View B but at the length of A. And without the pocket tabs. And maybe we'll change the shape of the collar/lapel.

I'm still waiting on the lining fabric (thanks for 20% off on Black Friday, Mood!) but I've slowly assembled all the other things I need. This week I finished my first muslin and we had a fitting. Next week...I'll be cutting and sewing a brand new muslin. Ugh.

My husband typically wears a size 46 jacket (his chest is 45 1/2"), so that's what I cut for the muslin. He's tall and broad, but his torso is pretty normal. Most RTW 46 jackets fit his chest, but are baggy in the torso and the sleeves are too short. I assumed the same thing would happen with my muslin...but you know what happens when you assume ;) The muslin was too big all over. I'm going to redo it in a straight 44 and go from there. Here are some photos, it was nighttime and I quickly snapped these for future reference:

So far, I'm very pleased with the drafting of this pattern. There were 2 reviews on PR and they were both favorable. I've made one other pea coat, but it was baby-sized and had way fewer pieces. The instructions for this pattern are really good (even though I've skipped around for muslin-ing), all the notches match up and Vogue managed to make it feel a bit intuitive. I'm anxious to get going with my fashion fabric, but for now I'm stuck tracing a size 44 for another muslin. We're about to have our first Snowmageddon here in the Midwest (every snow fall greater than 2 inches=end of the world), so here's hoping I get a lot of work done on it this weekend.


  1. Lucky husband! This looks like a really nice pattern. Good luck with the new muslin and finishing it up :)


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