Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What I'm Reading: Little Green Dresses

I've read books about sewing. I've read books about thrifting and upcycling. I've read books about pattern making. I should have just skipped all that and read this book!

Just kidding. You still need to know about sewing and pattern making. If you skip that you'll end up with this:

A hot mess (anyone watched the new Arrested Development?). But if you have a little knowledge of sewing and patterns, this book is so. much. fun. I want to stash it in my purse and take it to a thrift store and go crazy!

When I first saw this book, I thought it would be another one of those "here's how to make an XXXL dress into...a small dress!" books. Not super original. I was wrong (for the first time in my life). Tucked away in the opening pages is an amazing tutorial on creating pattern slopers. The instructions are precise and easy to follow, and at the end you'll have a great template for a bodice, a sleeve, and a skirt, made just for your body type.

After the intro pages with the slopers and general sewing instructions, the book moves on to cover different tops, skirts, dresses and bottoms that you can make from thrifted garments. The reason this book is so unique is that it uses the slopers to show you how to make a great new design. I mean, anyone can show you how to make a long skirt into a short skirt, but it takes some imagination to turn a skirt into a turtleneck dress, especially one that's based off of YOUR measurements.

Each project has a short description about what type of garment the author used to make the one she's describing, as well as what type of fabric to look for (woven or knit) if you want to try the same design. These details make the book great for a beginner that may not instinctively know what to look for in a store.

There were lots of projects in here that I want to try, most notably the "genius leggings"! More exclamation points because I'm really excited!! I have a hard time spending money on a pattern for leggings, and now I don't have to! The book shows you how to draft your own no-side seam leggings pattern. How easy is that?

Genius Leggings

If leggings aren't your thing, how about a skirt turned upside down and made into a tunic? What about a skirt from a suit jacket? There's something for everyone in here.

Upside Down Tunic
(and more Genius Leggings!)

I'm looking forward to an excursion to a thrift store, armed with a bunch of new ideas. Or maybe a trip inside my own closet!

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