Thursday, August 5, 2021

Vero Beach Side Seam Tie Hack

Oh look, another Pinterest-inspired hack! This one is much easier than my last one. Let's take a look at the photo that inspired me:

I love this look and how the tie is a bit fancier than a casual pair of elastic waist pants. The belt loops and side seam tie seemed like a quick easy hack. I chose the Hey June Vero Beach Shorts, but you could do this hack with any elastic waist pants pattern with waistband side seams.

Construct your pants as usual, up until it's time to put together the waistband. Using a serger or your preferred method, finish the seam allowance edges for the side seams.

Fold over your waistband. Ignoring the lower seam allowance which will be used to sew the waistband to the pants, measure how big your waistband will be (this is also likely the width of the waistband elastic recommended by the pattern). Your goal is to find the center of the waistband and set your tie on that spot.

You will need to leave an opening for the tie when you sew your side seams together. Mark your side seam opening on your waistband (I LOVE these heat sensitive Frixion pens for marking, they disappear when you iron on them!).

Sew the side seams, NOT sewing between your marks.

Press your seam allowances open.

Follow your pattern's directions to attach the waistband to the pants and insert elastic. Topstitch your waistband, making sure you are stitching above and below the holes you left in the side seams. 

Make sure to hit the waistband with a good bit of steam pressing, you'll be amazed at how much better the topstitching looks! Insert your tie through the holes using a bodkin or safety pin.

To make belt loops, cut a rectangle of fabric 2"x8". Finish one long edge with a serger or zig-zag stitch. 

Fold the rectangle in thirds, unfinished edge inside the finished edge. Cut the rectangle in half to make two belt loops.

Topstitch the loops to hold the flaps down on the back.

Fold the short ends of the loops over and attach the belt loops to the front of the pants.

After finishing my pants with the solid pink twill tape, I thought they looked a bit too much like PJs, so I switched that tie out for a self-fabric tie. I think the print might still read pajamas, and this hack would look better in a solid fabric like the inspiration. Maybe I'll try this hack again with the Hey June Seaforth Pants.

Tank top is RTW from a local brewery/distillery. I don't buy clothes often, but when I do you can bet they're pink!

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