Thursday, November 8, 2018

Cozy Double Knit Cardigan

A short and sweet project today that's allll about that fabric!

If you watch any of my Instagram stories, you've already seen this a few times because I couldn't shut up about it. I've been wearing it a lot and I'm tempted to order more! The fabric is a double sweater knit in navy/cream. There was another colorway that was predominately white, but it sold out. I saw a project in the white and couldn't resist ordering the navy from Style Maker Fabrics.

The pattern is what I call my "Athro Cardi Knock Off". I drafted it based on a RTW cardigan that was originally from Anthropologie, although I bought it second-hand. I made one version last summer from a lightweight sweater knit (blogged here). I still can't-stop-won't-stop with the original so I figured it was time to add another.

Like with my previous version, I struggled to fit the front pattern pieces onto the fabric since it is drafted VERY wide (no armscythe/sleeve seams at all, and the front is not straight down, see above). But I made it work with two yards. I regret not adding pockets since I find myself wearing my wool Sloomb leggings really often, and without pants pockets I'm stuck just holding my phone.

The texture of the fabric is fun and different from a plain knit cardigan. I did not use the reverse side for a contrast element but that would be easy to do. The color in these close-ups is washed out a bit, but you can see below the reverse side.

The fabric is a cotton/acrylic blend, and although I'm usually Team Death to Acrylic I will make an exception if a fabric doesn't FEEL like acrylic. This one fits the bill nicely. It's warm, but not HOT like 100% acrylic would be. It took well to pressing, didn't get stretched out too much while sewing, and behaved when I hand-sewed the hem.

Basically, get yourself some of this beautiful goodness before it's gone!

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  1. The cardi is so cute and I absolutely love that fabric. And that view!


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