Thursday, April 12, 2018

Drop Pocket Cardi and Make Nine Update

A little bit of deja vu? Only a few months ago I made my first Drop Pocket Cardigan, Jalie 3248. I liked it so much that it ended up on my #2018makenine list (more on that later).

Shirt is a Renfrew, super old, blogged here and OMG
I used to be so much skinnier!

I don't have too much to add from my previous review. I did assemble the back neckline the opposite way, which is a change I mentioned before (the facing is folded inside and topstitched, rather than outside). I also made the sleeves a little wider, so this can be worn over shirts with sleeves. To make them wider, I simply pivoted the pattern piece at the sleeve cap and then trued the straight edges. On my fabric. As I was cutting. As one does! It works, but now I think they're a touch too wide at the wrist. I did hem the sleeves this time around.

The fabric I chose is a black rayon spandex knit from Mood. Expect to see this again, I bought 4 yards! It does have more of a cotton hand than the liquid drape of rayon, which probably lends itself well to this particular pattern. A little structure isn't so bad. I'm also planning another Union St. Tee with it, only with a scoop neck instead of a V-neck like my previous merino one.

I've already worn this cardigan a lot, you can't beat its versatility. I love the pockets and this really filled a hole in my wardrobe, which is why it ended up in my Make Nine.

1. Simplicity coat
2. Papercut Patterns Soma Swimsuit
3. Ohhh Lulu Romy Bra
4. Thread Theory Camas Blouse
5. black jumpsuit
6. Wool and the Gang Julia Cardigan (knitting project)
7. Jalie 3248 Drop Pocket Cardigan DONE
8. Tie Front top
9. Hey June Lane Raglan Hoodie DONE

Well, I'm 1/4 of the way through the year and only 2 of my 9 items are complete, and I've finished only the back (almost) of the Julia Sweater. I do think that I'm going to swap out the black jumpsuit for some black overalls. I have supplies for the Romy Bra, I'm just waiting for the pattern to go on sale, same with the Soma Swimsuit. I have bought the patterns for the Simplicity coat, the Camas, and the tie front top, but haven't settled on fabric. So...progress? I guess? Baby steps!

How are your Make Nines going? It's such a fun hashtag to check out on Instagram!

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