Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Project Runway recap

I'm back from vacation and a little blog break in the meantime. I'm up to my eyeballs in Halloween sewing, but I definitely made time to catch up on Project Runway. All this drama!

Spoilers ahead...

Best moments: I thought it was cute to have Shopkins Super Fans help the designers, especially for an avant-garde challenge. If it were some sort of translate-to-the-real-world challenge I think that would have been more restrictive. What I didn't understand was why the fans weren't at the runway show?

Worst moments: We started this episode where the last one left off, with a dramatic storm-off by Michael and accusations of Claire cheating. The whole thing was kind of childish. Margarita made me want to throw things at my TV. She ran around the workroom tattling on Claire and then on the runway she claimed she wasn't the type of person to throw someone under the bus. Okaaaaayyy...instead she got Michael to do the dirty work instead. I was also annoyed at Claire's lack of ownership to her part in it. She clearly knew the rules and broke them anyway (about having a tape measure in her room) AND she played loosey goosey with the spirit of the show by using her sister as a partner most of the time. Who cares if it was a simple tank, Claire, if it was so simple why did you need to measure it and cheat? The whole thing was so dumb. But I agree with her being booted if she did cheat, which it seems like she did.

See all the looks here.

Best looks: I'm not into avant-garde, so the one I liked the best was the least avant-garde-y, Kentaro's.

Worst looks: I thought most of the designs looked like someone threw up fabric onto a dress form. Batani's was bad, Amy's was boring.

I'm sad that Amy was eliminated. I felt like she had some great looks in the past and didn't get any recognition for them. Batani was clearly on borrowed time so I guess they threw in a double elimination just to surprise us? And perhaps Tim will be using his save soon? Have they even mentioned the save?

Next week: More unconventional. Barf.

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