Thursday, July 6, 2017

Cheeky Chonies no-show undies

A quick post today for a short holiday week (here in the states anyway!). If handmade undies aren't your thing, you can probably skip over this one, but I was so excited to find a pattern like this that I had to share!

I have a few garments where VPL can be a problem, but I'm not always crazy about wearing a thong underneath. The next best thing is no-show undies, but the home sewist doesn't have the ability to create seamless, laser-finished items like these. Once I found out about the Cheeky Chonies pattern from A Sparkly Baby, I decided it would be worth a try, before plopping down a bunch of money on RTW.

Fabric is key with this pattern. Spandex is a must, and there is an entire page of the pattern devoted to selecting the right fabric. I used a "satin milliskin" from Girl Charlee, ordered a long time ago. I would say it's similar to a swimsuit lining or lingerie weight textile, and I believe it's nylon/spandex. Any swim type fabric would work and ensure that your clothing slips easily over the undies. It also tends not to roll, meaning you can leave your edges unfinished without worrying about bunching. The lining piece is organic cotton I had in my stash.

My full hip measurement put me at a size 36, but I sized down based on the stretch of my fabric. I went all the way down to a 32 and I think these still ended up a touch big. They were not falling down or anything, but I would have preferred a tighter fit for my own peace of mind. There is only a center-back seam, so I can't adjust the ones I've already made. Luckily, they took very little fabric, so I don't feel like they were a waste.

These were just about the fastest item I've ever sewn, and they were made entirely on my sewing machine. I whipped up this pair to wear under my McCall's romper when I was headed out to a wedding. No panty lines, and basically made with scraps I had laying around=big win! So if this highly-specialized type of item is on your wish list, head over to A Sparkly Baby and pick up the pattern!

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