Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Me Made May: Halfway!

Are you enjoying MMM17 so far? I admit, I'm having a ton of fun challenging myself and scrolling through IG seeing everyone else doing the same. My pledge was to wear one item of me-made clothing every day, excluding underwear, without repeats. So far I've succeeded. My secret challenge was to wear two items as often as possible, and I've been suprisingly good at that, too!

One thing I've learned this year is that I have a lot of clothes, but it seems like I always reach for the same four things over and over. I used to think that this meant I needed more of certain patterns, but I've discovered the real truth: I'm a lazy dresser! I wear the same things because I'm in a hurry and my brain latches on to what's easy. There's nothing wrong with having favorites, but I need to push myself to take the time for careful dressing. Otherwise, I'm just making clothes for no reason, which is pretty wasteful.

You can see my daily outfit posts on Instagram. I've also created a Pinterest board called My Closet, with photos and links to all of the garments I've blogged over the years. If you see something on IG and want more info, check out My Closet to find it. A Pinterest board seemed like the fastest way to display everything in one place. It's updated all the way back through 2015, two more years of blog entries to go!

Have you learned any lessons so far during MMM?

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  1. How clever - I must go check out your closet - we like so many of the same things.


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