Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Oliver+S Little Things to Sew Tutu

Heyyy I'm alive! Isn't it always the way, kids are on vacation (preschool Spring Break) and mom gets sick? I don't think Daylight Savings Time or our recent cold snap helped much either. Rather than sewing my days away, I've been doing absolutely nothing and letting my five year old be mom for the week. So how about we let her model instead of me?

Sorry to be confusing...she's wearing a second pink tutu on top!

Leading up to Spring Break was Dr. Seuss week at preschool. One day was Silly Socks day, then Wacky Wednesday, and finally Fancy Friday. I'm not big on fancy clothes for kids who spill food basically every day, so we were in a pickle about what she could wear. We rifled through my fabric stash together and landed on some pink tulle that a friend had sent for her. I pulled out my Oliver+S Little Things to Sew book and showed her the Tutu project, and we decided to try it together.

I think this might have been my first time working with tulle. Sewing it wasn't THAT bad, but laying out and cutting, oy. It's so floaty and yet sticks to everything. Ooof. Luckily, we were basically just layering rectangles and sewing them to a piece of ribbon. Not too tricky. AB started it with me and I ended up finishing it alone. H was NOT happy that we had kicked her out of the room to hang with Daddy, so unfortunately AB and I didn't get much time together to sew.

Even though this was a simple project, it was true to O+S form and was constructed neatly and cleverly. I ended up going to Jo-Ann's to buy more tulle and ribbon because what we had wasn't opaque enough for my liking. Also be warned, the photos are a little deceiving and it is open in the back. I just had AB wear tights underneath.

The tutu is also reversible. And superhero-approved!

If you have the patience for cutting tulle, and no almost-2-year-olds banging and crying at your door, then this is a great project to do with a kid just learning to sew. It's simple to customize to any size (in fact, there are no pattern pieces) as well. Have you ever worked with tulle? I'd ask for tips, but I can't see myself sewing it again any time soon!

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  1. You know, one can never have too many pink tutus. What a fun project, and AB looks very happy!


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