Monday, October 31, 2016

Project Runway recap

Florida looks so warm. I do like living in Indiana (especially in the fall!) but it's been six years since I've seen the ocean. Man I need a vacation!

Spoilers ahead...

Best moments: It was nice that the designers got a bit of a break between challenges, although it wouldn't surprise me if they flew to FL and back in one day. I'm sure it was tiring, but mentally, taking a break from the workroom must have helped.

Cornelius is being less awful.

Worst moments: Tasha got eliminated right before the streetwear challenge? Can you see my face?

See all the looks here.

Best garments: I liked Rik's quite a bit, although we barely saw it. I thought Nathalia's coat was going to turn out super ugly, but she listened to feedback and didn't add fur and it turned out really nicely. Laurence did a good job but I wish the jacket would have been a different color and therefore less referential to Michael Jackson.

Worst garments: I didn't hate Brik's (at least he tried something). I didn't hate Cornelius' pants, although his top was unacceptable. To me, Erin's was clearly the worst, from the conception all the way to the execution. Anything interesting that happened with the top was a happy accident resulting from her lack of time. They saved her because she's her. I don't know why she phoned it in so hard this challenge but she seems to be burned out.

Best quote: "Just make sure it doesn't go from street to the Broadway version of street." --Tim

So Brik is gone, which isn't surprising. This was possibly the only chance to oust Erin and it didn't happen, so surely she's destined for final 3, along with Laurence and...?

Next week: Teams again.

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