Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Project Runway All Stars recap

Well aren't I late this week? When the weather is warm and the weekend contains a holiday, TV watching just doesn't seem that important. I hope everyone had a nice Easter, it was over 70 degrees here and marvelous!

Spoilers ahead...

Best moments: Finally Georgina was wearing something pretty and NOT cray cray! And it was...a jumpsuit. More on that...

Worst moments: I love a jumpsuit but c'mon...wasn't anyone concerned about everyone doing it? Two years ago when jumpsuits first started becoming popular I was all over it (here and here) but since then I've been unendingly pregnant and I haven't worn them. If they're still popular next summer you can bet I'll have a closet full. SIGH

Giving away your fabric/being stuck with someone else's fabric is seriously the worst.

Best garments: First of all, what kind of resort are these people attending? Looking back over the garments again, I wasn't in love with any of them. I liked the idea of Dom's but the skirt colors weren't doing it for me, and it had these weird fins on the side...the top was beautiful, though.

Worst garments: I was glad Alyssa called out Sam for his homemade-looking dress. I thought as well that it looked poorly made, and he was being annoying about its magnificence when the silhouette was nothing new.

Kini's lace princess figure skating dress was so, so, so, so bad. I could not believe he was safe.

Emily's was also terrible but that wasn't her fault. I can't even guess what Alexander was thinking when he chose that sheer polka dot. I would have liked to see her cut strips of the sheer and piece it with the red, like Dom did, thus eliminating the polka dots altogether.

See all final looks here.

Best quote: "It's like getting coal in your stocking...brocade for a resort-wear challenge?" --Sam (He's right.)

This was kind of an evil challenge, making them swap fabrics after they drew cards for fabrics. But in the end, I feel like Valerie made something that was "her" and the fabric didn't get in her way, she was eliminated because they're tired of her boring designs. Same reason she was eliminated in her season. And it's about time Dom won a challenge, right?!?

Next week: Fairy tales!


  1. Thanks again for watching so that I don't have to! I enjoy reading your recaps.

  2. I don't think I even looked at Georgina. Also stunned Kini was safe!


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