Monday, October 12, 2015

Project Runway recap

I informed my husband this week that the 70s are back. He didn't know. He also didn't quite believe me, but I think seeing overalls this week on PR showed him that I wasn't making it up. Of course,by the time the 70s make it from New York Fashion Week to Indiana, everyone will have moved on to the 80s. We can't win.

Spoilers ahead...

Best moments: We all knew Tim was loyal, but who knew his loyalty ran this deep? I thought it was interesting to see crew members get made over. For once, the judges and Tim had a bigger investment in the clients than in the designers. And frankly, these designers all needed a kick in the pants.

Worst moments: I didn't understand why all of the clients were so opinionated. They were dressed like slobs (it takes one to know one!). Didn't they need makeovers precisely because their own ideas had led them to this frumpy place?

Best looks: Hated them all. Again. I would never wear Kelly's, and I'm not on the overalls bandwagon, but at least she was smart and pulled off a good design. I wish she would have punched up the tank top a bit more.

Worst looks: When Candice's look came out, I audibly gasped, and not in a good way. If she were on any other season, the judges would have been questioning her taste. But because she's on this snooze-fest, the innovative things she's done are overshadowing her general lady-of-the-night vibe. She might win the whole thing with a collection full of black leather. Barf.

Oh Swapnil. A cape? What??? I give him credit for sticking around and churning out looks when he had to have known he was going to be eliminated. It can't be easy to walk out on the runway and get chewed out on television. Bye Swapnil!

Best quote: "I'm just praying to all my 10,000 gods that she's happy." --Swapnil

Is this season over yet? Kelly is the only one I care about at all. And maybe Ashley. I keep forgetting that Edmond is even there. Okay, I'm calling it, those are my top three that I WANT to see, however I bet Candice slips in there someplace.

Next week: Oh boy...let's see if an avant garde challenge can wake these people up.


  1. Ashley was my pick at the beginning but SNOOZE!!!!!! Circle skirts and purple fabric. Eeesh. Cmon. You can't have an entire collection of full skirts in purple Ashley!

    I am wanting Edmond for sure and Kelly. I was very uncertain about her at the very beginning but she is just kicking butt. Even if I wouldn't wear most of her designs, she really has some interesting concepts and does a good job executing.

    If I didn't have teenagers that might look at me sideways, I would *TOTALLY* rock those leather overalls. I loved that entire look, so much!!!

    Candice - bore. She had a couple of looks that I like but her general attitude and penchant for shiny black hooker wear has bored me to tears now.

    1. I think you could rock leather overalls! Teenagers are meant to be embarassed, right??

  2. I am team Edmond from the beginning but I will admit his looks of late are just average. I think Swapnil would have had the best Finale collection. He was out there but an amazing designer. He was just tired of getting beat down. I would agree that this is the least exciting group in a while. I actually thought the crew was very hard to get long with in the last challenge. It was a makeover??? If the crew liked it the judges liked it, if not they didn't either.

    1. Swapnil might never have finished a collection, though!!

  3. I'm on the Edmund and Kelly bandwagon, too. At least they both listened carefully to their "clients".
    Ashley's was horrific, that peplum!

    Yes, I admit, I wore overalls in the 70s and it was a good look :-D

    1. Ugh that peplum, where did it come from?!? All of a sudden it was just there. She should know better.


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