Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Wardrobe Planning for Kids?

I've spent a LOT of time planning my own wardrobe. Choosing a color scheme, silhouettes, and ultimately fabric combinations has been fun, and in a way, freeing. But in all this time, I've barely given any thought to planning clothing for my kids. Now that I have a second girl, I'm reusing clothes that my first wore three years ago and seeing them in a different light.

Nothing matches! Everything is cute, sure, but it's kind of a hodgepodge. There are good reasons for this; a large percentage of their clothing is bought by family members (and I'm very grateful for that!). The rest of it is bought by me at a local kid's resale store, where price and looks usually dictate what comes home. Then, of course, there are the me-mades, which tend to be from random cute fabric and leftovers from my projects. Not exactly a great recipe for a successful wardrobe. 

With Baby H I've recently purchased some wool pants (for fall/winter) that will double as a diaper cover. Wool is expensive and these are definitely investment pieces. Selecting these few items got me seriously thinking about planning both girls' wardrobes more carefully, especially since I now have to dress two kids before I can head out the door. I need to be efficient or we'll never get anywhere!

Long time readers will notice a trend here: navy, pink and grey. Those three colors dominate my own wardrobe. I decided to stick with the same colors since I know that I will have leftover fabric that matches. Just to mix it up a bit, I think I will take inspiration from this adorable baby dress and also throw in a soft orange:

As for AB, the three year old, she's almost beyond having me plan her wardrobe. Right now she's big in to character tees and Spider-Man shoes, not exactly winners in a streamlined wardrobe. I have a feeling that as her third year marches on, her (inherited) stubborn streak will come in to play with her clothing. Pick your battles, they say, and I'm happy as long as she's dressed!

If you have kids, do you select clothing from a certain color scheme? Do you stick with one brand of clothing or a set of TNT patterns?


  1. Those sandals are adorable!

  2. We have no color scheme, outfits are a mixture like yours. We don't buy franchised character clothes though because they drive us crazy.

    1. I was that way about character clothes for a long time, then AB got a Batman shirt as a gift. She LOVED it and since she was in the middle of an I-hate-clothes phase, character clothes became a much bigger part of her wardrobe!


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