Friday, February 8, 2013

Project Runway recap: spoiler alert!

Okay I'll admit this straight up: I did not get to pay a LOT of attention to this episode. First, I almost always DVR PR and watch it the next day. Thursdays belong to The Office and Parks and Rec, so those two shows take precedence. So, while watching PR this morning, I was also doing something very important: decorating for a birthday party!! AB is turning 1 on Saturday. Sorry PR, but there was some multi-tasking going on.

Yet another week goes by and I don't hate the team aspect of this season. I know it's frustrating for the people putting out good work, but that being stuck on the losing team means they aren't showcased. To be fair, in the first few weeks of any season there are always people who sail through the middle and nobody pays attention to them until later. I can't say that it wouldn't be happening to the same people who are being overlooked now, so, no biggie.

It bothered me that Heidi didn't come in with Tim during consultations. Some of the best moments in PR history have been when Heidi challenges designers in the workroom. Le sigh.

I felt SO bad for Benjamin this week. His interview where he broke down about finding his worth was hard to watch. I'm sure we've all been in that place at some point, seam ripper in hand, cursing ourselves (or is that just me?? tell me it's not just me!). What infuriated me about his dress being in the bottom was that it looked exactly like a dress that Heidi wears in promo commercials for Project Runway. Do you know what I'm talking about? It's a pink Grecian strap monstrosity. I Googled for about two seconds and couldn't find a picture, sorry.

I was also annoyed about Cindy being in the bottom and ultimately out. This week her past performances worked against her, as Matthew's S&M dress was poorly made and boring. I honestly think that if designs were judged without anyone knowing who made them, Matthew would have been out. At least Cindy used color! The amount of black going down that runway made me sad.

The two winners were so sweet. Kate showed a softer side after being sort of mean this whole time, and Daniel continues to be my favorite as a humble, hard-working, genuinely nice person. His interview about how badly he wanted to do well, tears in his eyes but NOT breaking down, was crazy inspiring, especially as a fellow self-taught sewer. I liked his dress, though I would have preferred it in pink instead of nude, but ah well. I wasn't at Mood, I don't know what they had!

I'm left wondering how much longer these two teams will exist. I hope they mix it up soon.

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